About MSSM
(Modelagem e Simulação de Sistemas Moleculares)

Our research at MSSM (Modeling and Simulation of Molecular Systems) focuses on the development and application of molecular models and computational methods. We pay special attention to molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and force field development. MD simulation consists in numerically solving Newton’s equation of motion. In classical MD, an empirical potential energy function, namely a force field, is employed to describe the interactions between a system of particles. The quality of which basically determines the accuracy of such simulations provided that an adequate sampling is achieved. More specifically, our group currently aims at four research lines: (i) the development of force fields for simulating biological and nanotechnological systems; (ii) the development of novel nature-inspired optimization techniques based on evolutionary approaches; (iii) the applications towards biological systems such as virus proteins and chemokines; and (iv) the simulation of nanosystems for drug delivery applications.

Research Topics

Development of force fields for simulating biological and nanotechnological systems

Development of novel nature-inspired optimization techniques based on evolutionary approaches

Applications towards biological systems such as Zika virus proteins and chemokines

Simulation of nanosystems for drug delivery applications



de Sousa Rodrigues, FA; Gonçalves, YMH; Horta, BAC; da Silva Santos, I; Silva, BV; D’Elia, E. Experimental and theoretical studies of isonitrosoacetanilides derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in 1 mol L−1 HCl. J. Mol. Struct. (In Press).

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Development and Application of Molecular
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MSSM - Undergraduate Student

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